Shooting Schedule

We created the layout of our Shooting Schedule, which shows the date of filming, the time of filming, the location, the props used, the actors involved in the session and also the crew members present. It will be filled out and completed as of when we begin filming:

Shooting Schedule

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Location Scouting

We had to find and photograph different locations for the filming of our video. Some of the locations will be on College grounds, as it is easy to gain access to, this will include a high story car park, and the drama studio where we will use the green screen. Other settings outside of the College will include the inside of a flat and a club shot.

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Shot List

We created a Shot List to ensure that we do not miss any shots during the filming process:

Shot List

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Prop List

It is important that we plan out which props we will need to include in our music video. However as we are on a low budget, we therefore need to be realistic about what we can use in the video.

  • Smoke machine- we would like to use the smoke when the ‘artist’ is performing to the camera, this is a conventional prop in a rap music video, which will then make ours plausible. We could gain access to this from a club.
  • Drinking glasses/antibiotic container- the actors in our video will need these in order to act their role(s) as an alcoholic, and drug abuser, as these particular roles correspond with the song. These props will be easy to access.
  • Green screen- we are still debating whether or not to use this within our video, as we are worried that it may be difficult to use and could aend up looking very ammateur.
  • Electric Guitar- this will be shot with the artist holding it, hopefully we can use this as it seems to be a conventional prop used by Lil Wayne in his videos.
  • Microphone- this will also be held by the artist, as it adds a touch of realism that the artist is infact performing.
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We have decided to use black or dark clothing within our video, as it connotes a sense of mourning and depression, the emotions felt in the song when mentioning being sober. However, the artist posing as Lil Wayne will be wearing a contrasting colour, as this will highlight the indviduality of the artist. Here are some examples of the types of clothing those in our video will be wearing:

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Website Mock-ups

In addition to designing our CD Covers, we had to design a Website layout to go with it too. As you can see the Website follows Synergy with the CD Cover, and are cohesive with oneanother.

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CD Album Cover Mock-ups

We had to design some album covers for Lil Wayne’s ‘I Feel Like Dying’, in order for us to become familiar with how we want our final product to look. I designed the covers on Photoshop, and used specific images and text that had an almost solemn ‘mood’.

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Target Audience Research

Lil Wayne Sites

There are various websites dedicated to Lil Wayne, if you search for an official Lil Wayne website, or even a fan site, on  ‘Google’, thousands of results will appear, which can be seen here:

On one of the many ‘official’ Lil Wayne websites, there are direct links ‘Twitter’, ‘MySpace’ and ‘Facebook’, as there are huge fan bases on all three of these social networking sites, allowing fans to post their comments and have contact with other fans around the world.  Here is the link to the official Lil Wayne website:

Vox Pops

We were given a video camera, a microphone and a series of questions related to our chosen artist, Lil Wayne. In our group, around college, we then had to ask for students feedback on the questions, whilst being filmed like an interview. This task helped us gain an idea of the age range of Lil Wayne fans, and also the importance of the CD Cover’sappearence. We asked the following questions:

1. How old are you?

2. Are you a fan of Lil Wayne?

3. Where do you watch his videos?

4. Do you buy CD’s or download music?

5. Do you think CD art work important?

The video footage, showing the results of the feedback can be viewed here:



We were asked to create a quetionnaire based around our chosen music genre and artist and song. The results of this will help us to produce our music video. There are 15 questions, and we aim to hand them out to around 20 people. We feel that it is important to ask an mixed gender, so an equal amount of boys and girls.

Rap Music Questionnaire

Questionnaire Results

Questionnaire Results

Target Audience Profile

After completing the Vox Pop and Questionnaire, we discovered that Lil Wayne fans are quite a diverse mixture of people. We found that the age majority ranges from 16-22, and there seems to be a equal amount of male and females, in additon the majority of fans seem to have been of ethnic origin.  The fans seem to be dedicated to Lil Wayne, listening to the artist several times a week via ‘You Tube’. Although, interestingly, many of the fans actually choose to purchase Lil Wayne albums rather than downloading it, which meant that they feel album artwork is important, so we will need to consider this when designing our own cover.

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Lil Wayne Ft. Nicki Minaj- ‘Knockout’

Track: ‘Knockout’- Lil Wayne Ft. Nicki Minaj

Track Length: 4:09

Interestingly, this video breaks conventions of a Rap/Hip-hop music video, the song is actually a completely different genre from what we are used to seeing of Lil Wayne, and there is a Pop/Rock feel to the song. Infact many Lil Wayne fans had negative reviews of the song as they are not used to seeing him perform such a diverse mucic genre.

Typically of Lil Wayne, himself, and Nicki Minaj, star and perform in the video, however they are the only people in the video, this makes it appear more intimate, as there is sensee of a story between them, as oppose to other Lil Wayne videos where he is surrounded by scantily dressed women. He, however wears similar clothing to what we are used to seeing which is unsuprising as he has based his ‘image’ upon bling, dark sunglasses and  baggy jeans etc. The music video itself is actually quite simplistic, with a simple set, and again the use of a green screen which shows a boxing ring, playing on the song titile ‘Knockout’. This video is in complete contrast to his video ‘Lollipop’, which shows luxurious Las Vegas scenery. This video therefore seems to be aimed at a slightly younger audience as some scenes look a bit infantile, for example Nicki Minaj has many bright coloured highlights in her hair and resembles a Barbie doll, also one of the constant settings is a locker room, suggesting it is centred around High School.

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Lil Wayne Ft. Static- ‘Lollipop’

Track: ‘Lollipop’- Lil Wayne Ft. Static

Track Length: 4:59

This video is very typical of the Rap/Hip-hop genre. Lil Wayne stars in his video, performing to the camera and the audience, and lipsycing to the track, which adds a touch of realism. The shot transitions are fast, and there are a range of different shots types, but mainly long shots to include the surroundings.

What comes across most in the video is wealth.  For example, there are many stylish and extravagent settings; set in Las Vegas, the scenes include a mansion with a swimming pool and a Hummer with a club inside. However, whilst there are genuine Las Vegas scenery, casino animations are also used in the background, which is done through use of a Chroma key (green screen). Other examples highlighting affluence is through clothing, Lil Wayne, and Static, wear large and expensive jewellery or ‘bling’, and other typical rapper attire like baggy jeans, dark sunglasses, high top trainers and baseball caps. Men appear more dominant in these types of music videos, as they are fully dressed whilst women wear barely any clothes. Some might think this demeaning to women who appear sexualised. There are also sexual connotations to the continued reference ‘Lollipop’, which suggests that this song is aimed at a slightly older audience from late teens onwards, the song title is also reminded through the constant images of Lil Wayne eating sweets, such as lollies.

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